Your Client Is NOT Treating!

Your case is tanking!

You’ve interviewed a potential client.

You’ve done your investigative due diligence.

You’ve concluded they have a good case and signed them on as a client.

You’ve directed them to treatment for their injuries.

You’ve been notified that your client has begun treatment with the appropriate health care providers for their specific injuries.

Everything seems to be falling into place for your case.


Cue the sound of screeching tires as your case comes to a halt.

Two months into it, you discover your client has not been treating.  What the *#?!

They’re non-compliant with care – missing therapy appointments, diagnostic testing appointments, and/or specialist consultations.  Your great case is now in jeopardy.

What can you do, short of personally driving them to each of their appointments?


What’s a lawyer to do?

Start by ensuring your client is compliant from the get-go.

Make sure they begin treating at a facility that has eyes on compliancy like a hawk.


We have your solution.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send your client to the treatment facility of your dreams?

A treatment facility where you could essentially “send-em and forget-em”?

If there were such a dream facility, how would it operate?


Dream Facility

This dream facility would:

  • Discuss with the patient at the outset, the importance of maintaining treatment compliancy.
  • Track patient compliancy weekly and anything less than the prescribed treatment would be flagged by the system for immediate action.
  • Notify the attorney of anything more than the occasional miss or a pattern of poor treatment compliance by their client so they can be kept up to date and can take action if they so choose.
  • Send a formal notification to the attorney when a client has truly fallen off the treatment wagon, so that the attorney can take whatever action they deem necessary.
  • Go the extra mile to ensure diagnostic appointments are scheduled and attended. Instead of handing the patient a prescription for an MRI without any explanation of the pre-cert process or instruction as to where to go, this dream facility would explain the pre-cert process and then upon authorization, educate the patient as to the next steps.  They would tell the patient which facility they’ll be attending and that they’ll be getting a call from that facility to schedule an appointment.  This dream facility would send the imaging center the patient’s prescription, authorization, and patient dec sheet with patient, insurance, and attorney information to make the process as smooth and successful as possible.  This dream facility would maintain the date of the MRI at the front desk and would remind the patient of their upcoming MRI appointment.
    • This dream facility would handle outside medical specialist consultations and procedures in the same manner to ensure they are scheduled and attended by the patient.


Does this dream facility exist?

Indeed, it does.  It’s called Burlington Spine & Rehab.

Burlington Spine & Rehab is your go-to facility.  Your one-stop shop.  Your “send-em and forget-em” facility.

Case management and patient compliance is our Brand Promise, and we take that very seriously.

We are your advocate and partner in the treatment of your client and the successful outcome of your case.

Of the list of things that can negatively impact or derail your case, don’t let treatment compliancy be one of them.


Yours in health,


Dr. Mark A. Bolinger

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