Do you struggle with those patients involved in motor vehicle accidents? There is no need for any additional stress in your practice. Refer your patients involved in motor vehicle accidents to Burlington Spine & Rehab.

Burlington Spine & Rehab is a networked group of dedicated injury specialists. You now have an answer for those patients other than “I can’t see you” or “I don’t treat patients involved in motor vehicle accidents.” Avoid the potential of creating any ill-will with your patients as a result of not having a plan for them if they are injured in a motor vehicle accident. Tell your patients you are referring them to a networked group of injury specialists.

We handle all aspects, questions, or concerns with insurance companies, adjusters, attorneys, etc. Your patient gets an appointment within 24-48 hours. Your patient gets a treatment plan designed specifically for them and their injuries.

This treatment can consist of:

  • Chiropractic therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain management
  • Rehabilitative exercises
  • Electrophysiologic nerve testing
  • Orthopedic consultations
  • Neurologic consultations
  • Surgical consultations

Upon conclusion of their treatment, we will discharge the patient and direct them back to you, their family physician. In addition, you will receive a final report that details your patient’s condition and treatment for your records.